The first initiative institution of a Ph.D. programme for Economics and Law (IEL).

All research is devoted to the Comparative Analysis of Law, Economics and Institutions. Its main research areas include:

  • the evolution and interations of social norms, legal rules and economic organization;
  • the impact of cultural factors in the process of legal and economic integration at a regional and global scale, with particular attention to European unification;
  • the cross-cultural empirical study of economic behaviour and its relationships with social norms and legal institutions;
  • the role of legal and social institutions in economics development.

We are interested in new, perspective-eniriching approaches to the economics analysis of law, adding new dimensions of sensitivity to cultural diversity and to social contexts to its traditional core.


During the past few years we focused on the organization and implementation of the doctoral programme in Comparative Analysis in Institutions, Economics and Law (IEL). As from year 2007 more emphasis is put on two projects related to:

1. the harmonization of private law under the terminology perspective

2. the contrubution of cognitive and experimental economics to European Politics pertaining to consumers and investors' tutelage.

The realization of the projects is a result of the cooperation between Us and other universities and Institutions such as the European Union, and will see the final outcome published.